MHP Coaching is for anyone looking to perform at a high level consistently. And understand that it’s more than just what you’re doing, it’s why you are doing it.
Greg Jennings
Retired NFL Player


In our years of training athletes we have discovered how to give an athlete that edge, how to maximize their performance by maximizing their potential.


The alignment of the human body is critical for successful and efficient movement. Whether an athlete needs to explode on the field or a person suffers from chronic pain. The way the body is aligned is the key to making the difference. We have had the opportunity to work with professionals in every discipline of the sports medicine/rehab world and have formulated a system for reducing pain and avoiding injury. We know how to maximize the effectiveness of the body’s muscles to create flawless movement. This has been shown to make a huge impact in the athletic world. When your muscles are executing properly in every plane of movement, your speed, power, and reaction time are all enhanced. Furthermore the chance of an injury is significantly decreased


Eating correctly, getting enough sleep, reducing unnecessary stress, these elements are critical in maximizing an athletes potential. Once the body is in alignment and the correct muscles are firing, it is time to focus on all the other things that can impact performance. How an athlete fuels their body and if they are taking enough time for recovery play a crucial role in the health and success of an athlete. Our coaches help analyze where the athlete currently is with these factors and how to make improvements.


MHPcoaching performs an assessment on all athletes who are interested in working with our program. It is a free half an hour consult to determine how the athlete is moving and help them create a plan to get more out of their movement patterns. If the right muscles are not firing at the right times the athlete could be losing a tremendous amount of their power and performance. Furthermore if the right muscles aren’t firing or firing correctly they are increasing their risk of potential injury.