Performance Training is for athletes hoping to improve their athletic ability while decreasing their risk of injury. We start with a half hour consult to determine what would be the best plan for the athlete based on how well they move, then determine which of our programs is best for them based on age, sport, and ability.


Post rehabilitation training is for athletes who have sustained an injury and are planning to return to their sport. Once the injury has been fixed, the muscles are often out of alignment and need work to get them back to their pre injury stage. Our team has extensive knowledge in return to sport protocols and will work with your physician or physical therapist to insure a safe and effective return to sport. We often see our athletes return to their sport faster and stronger than before their injury.


Strength and conditioning classes are designed for an athlete who has already had an assessment and is able to train with a small group to improve his/her fitness levels. The classes are designed to make athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive while staying very focused on correct execution of each exercise.


Speed and agility classes are designed for athletes who want to get faster and honestly everyone wants to get faster. We take athletes through a system to improve the way that they run so that they can get faster in all directions. Just because an athlete can run doesn’t mean they are running efficiently, we video tape the runner and help determine what they need to focus on to get faster and then put them through drills to help them maximize their speed potential.


Personal training is designed for anyone looking to improve their fitness or get out of muscular pain. We have helped people for years both virtually and in person develop programs to improve their fitness for whatever reason matters to them. We work on finding neutral alignment for our clients which immediately improves their fitness and reduces pain if they were in pain. We perform an assessment before we begin so that we can meet our clients where they are and move them to where they want to go. It is all about you and your goals, we just assist along the way.


Team training is a program designed to meet the needs of your team and keep it personal to your group. We have worked with baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc to help improve the strength and conditioning of the team while also building better team chemistry.


High School Sports training programs are designed to help high school athletic directors and coaches find a way to develop a safe and effective strength and conditioning program inside of their schools. We have worked with numerous high schools in the area to improve the athletic performance of their teams.